Community Support
The Eagle software is free. Free, community-based support for Eagle is available on the public forum. The public forum is also monitored by the Eagle Development Team. To post a question to the public forum, it is required that you subscribe. All posts are subject to moderation.
Proprietary Eagle Plugins by Eyrie Solutions
The Eagle core library found on this website is open source and Tcl licensed. But there also exist proprietary, licensed plugins to Eagle, written and maintained by the original author.
  • The Aquila tools are used to generate the necessary files for a plugin wrapping managed code.
  • The Badge plugin is used with Harpy (see below) and provides the signed script certificates for the Eagle script library and test suite infrastructure.
  • The Demo plugin implements a custom host that allows for seamless command-driven product demonstrations, including automated playback of command sequences.
  • The Featherlight plugin implements a custom host using the Windows Presentation Foundation to provide interactive shell enhancements.
  • The Harpy plugin provides public key infrastructure-based software license enforcement. It supports the creation, verification, and renewal of license and script certificates. It also supports signed script verification and evaluation, via the aforementioned script certificates.
  • The HotKey plugin allows configurable, system-wide hot-keys to trigger the evaluation of scripts.
  • The Kapok web application is used with Harpy (see above) to help support automatic renewal of license & script certificates.
  • The Zeus plugin obfuscates scripts via encryption and facilitates the seamless evaluation of encrypted scripts.
All of the above plugins provide their full functionality via Eagle commands specifically designed with customization and extensibility in mind.